Trends: A Brief introduction to microRNA

Why study microRNA?

MicroRNAs are important regulators in post-transcriptional gene regulation. The active secretion of miRNA into circulation during diseases onset renders it a promising biomarker candidate.

In the last 10 years, a growing number of studies and reviews have associated presence of various miRNAs with progression of
cancer. miRNA expression fingerprints had been shown to correlate with clinical and biological characteristics of tumors, including tissue type, differentiation, aggression and response to therapy. There have been ~12000 in the last 9 years and virtually every publication involves quantification of microRNA.



Presenting to you - eleven pathways, which MiRXES had co-developed with Clarivate Analytics – market leader in pharmaceutical and biotechnology intelligence. All 352 highly curated and wet-lab validated miRNA are from MiRXES ID3EAL Cancer microRNA Knowledge panel and are strongly associated with various cancer types and known to regulate up to hundreds of key onco- and tumour suppressor genes and pathways. 


 Reference Guide 

co-developed with Clarivate Analytics 

 derived from MiRXES Knowledge Panel


11 vital pathways involved in Oncology 

Mapped out using 352 highly curated miRNA





signalling cascade



signalling cascade



family signalling



signalling pathway



Regulation of actin cytoskeleton organization by the kinase effectors of Rho GTPases 


Regulation of immune cell differentiation by Notch signalling


Differentiation of natural regulatory T cells


Inhibitory PD-1 signalling in T cells


Macrophage-induced immunosuppression in the tumour microenvironment


Macrophage and dendritic cell phenotype shift in cancer

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MiRXES miRNA solutions had found its way to bring you unparalleled specificity. MiRXES assays are based on an unique 3-specific priming strategy, and no random priming is involved. These assays are also designed using in-house proprietary algorithm to boosted its sensitivity. All assays have been wet-lab validated, in accordance to MiQE guidelines and when presented together, all these factors sets MiRXES apart from assays available in the market.

It is a known challenge that the quantification of microRNA are extremely small and shares high homology, hence hampering accurate quantification.         

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using 3-specific priming strategy

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