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This is not just a

qPCR Mastermix.

Designed by Singapore Scientists
  for Singapore Scientists



microRNA Products

Crafted by Singapore scientists

HomegrownBio team is proud to bring to you our local Singapore brand - MiRXES.

MiRXES scientists had ingeniously figured an unique patented technology that sharpens the specificity of conventional microRNA assays. Together with MiRXES' proprietary algorithm and wet-lab validation, a suite of microRNA solutions are developed to offer the best-in-class performance.


  • miRNA assay solutions

  • miRNA spike-in kits

  • miRNA knowledge panels

mRNA quantification

Crafted by Singapore scientists

Still looking for the perfect qPCR Mastermix?

We may have the solution to support your needs for both  1-step or 2-step workflow for both intercalating dye and probe based chemistry.


  • cDNA Synthesis System

  • qPCR Mastermix

  • 1-Step qPCR Mastermix

Extraction Solutions

Entrust your samples to CatchGene purification kits, developed by a team of Taiwan Entreprenuers, dedicated to attain high quality DNA/RNA. 

Check out wide range of extraction kits tailored for liquid or solid biopsy samples:


  • DNA

  • Total RNA

  • microRNA

  • Total Nucleic Acid

  • Circulating Nucleic Acid

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